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My Dream & Mission Statement

"Make a difference and leave my mark"; that is something that many people say and I hope that they all find. I strongly believe that what I am trying to do through tutoring is going to make a difference. More important, it is also my passion. I truly love doing this, and hope that it is something that I can maintain in an even greater capacity in the future. I think of myself as a renaissance man. I don't believe that I am too old to learn something new and for that reason I continuously try to learn about new things; whether it be art, music, writing, inventing, dance, sports, theatre, or learning the guitar (which is my current passion).

Dreams are a personal thing to me. I will be candid and share a dream that has been lingering in my mind the past few years. I want to create a learning facility that will enable students to reach their potential and break and pre-conceived notions about their ability. Ultimately I want to create a learning facility or school for students that are serious about learning and want to reach their potential.

How This All Started

I strongly believe that everyone has a talent. For me it is the ability to make sense of "things" and then explain them to others. From early childhood up until high school, my classmates would approach me and ask me to explain concepts to them. I was the person that people would cluster around right before an exam and would tell them exactly what would be on the exam and then write the exam in half the time or less and get over 95 percent.

Explaining concepts to others is an art. To me it is not really important what the concept is, I am more concerned with the underlying method and the mechanisms that trigger successful learning in others. This idea became more relevant to me during my undergraduate degree. While the material became progressively more difficult, the explanations were delivered with relative ease. Even as a teaching assistant (2nd year course) or as a lecturer (3rd year course), it didn't matter. I should mention that the material for some of the courses was rocket science, and hopefully that doesn't trigger any cliches.

During the course of my PhD degree I have found that teaching is my ultimate passion. It is something that I know will always be a part of my life, and is my opportunity to make a significant and unique difference in this world.

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