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I was introduced to John by one of my friend’s at school. My friend and his siblings were all getting help from John and they all spoke very highly of him. John started working with me for Grade 12 Advanced Functions in First Term and then he also tutored me in Second Term Calculus and Vectors. At the start of the school year I was unsure why I was even taking math (I am studying Arts next year at University) but once I started working with John during our 2 hour sessions the time would fly by and I was reminded that I enjoyed math. John is so calm and clear in is explanations. He’s not only a tutor, he is also a friend. John is always on your side and really wants to see you succeed. John’s teaching methods are so accommodating to every learning style and he pushes you to the best you can be. With John’s help I was able to achieve great results and understand the course material so much better. As a result of John’s love for teaching and his passion for math, he has inspired me and next year at university I will be taking two calculus electives. I hope to continue working with John throughout university. 

- Owen (Royal St. George's College (RSGC))


John greatly helped me improve my performance and grades during my foundation year and IB studies.  His explanations are so simple and he really cares.  Thank you for helping me.

- James (Upper Canada College (UCC))


After having tried a few tutors in earlier years I just about gave up on them. A friend referred me to John and finally here was a tutor who cared about how i learned and about helping me achieve my goals. John helped me in grade 11, 12 and now 1st year with math and sciences at U of T. Without his caring guidance Life Sciences would be unbearable at university. His knowledge and integrity are remarkable. Thanks John.

- Sandie (Bishop Strachan School; University of Toronto)


After experiencing many tutors throughout high school, it took me until Grade 12 to find one that cannot be replaced. John Gatsis has a true passion for the one on one tutor experience and does exceptionally well in helping one better understand the difficulties of any math or science. Not only does John make it easier to understand the work, but he makes it fun as well. I looked forward to meeting with John weekly, as it was like spending time with my buddy, who at the same time made Calculus and Vectors a breeze for me. I cannot stress enough how helpful John was for me in getting my grades up for University and my only regret was not starting with him at an earlier age.

- Mike (St. Michael’s College (SMC); University of Western Ontario)

John is one of those people that you do not meet every day. He came into my house with the utmost respect and modesty.  We quickly became friends.  I was in a situation at the beginning of my grade 12 year where I had no sense of direction, procrastinated, and was immature. During first semester, John tutored me in advanced functions and data management. When we had time at the end of a session, we would discuss what I should do with my life. John taught me the difference between short-term goals and long-term goals and what you have to do to succeed. He made me want to strive for excellence and perfection.  It really boosted my confidence and determination to get the highest marks on tests and exams. I was able to get 90%-100% grades when I put my mind to it. It soon became apparent that John's purpose was really to set me on the right path and direction. His teachings and examples are flawless and he makes the questions so much simpler with his methods. By second semester I had the choice of taking physics as an elective but was unsure about what to do. I spoke to John about it and he encouraged me to take the course even though it was going to be challenging.  He told me that it would make me well-rounded in mathematics. That semester John was tutoring me in calculus and vectors and physics. It became useful to take them both because they were interrelated. There isn't one word that defines John.  I think he is compassionate, dedicated, articulate, patient, inspirational, and accommodating.  I was very fortunate to be tutored by John for my Grade 12 subjects (calculus and vectors, advanced functions, data management, and physics).  John was more than just my tutor, he became my mentor. My marks improved into the 90's and above. I owe so much to John and anybody who will be tutored by him will succeed.

- Brandon (Metropolitan Preparatory Academy; Brock University)

John Gatsis was excellent in helping me not only to achieve a passing mark, but exceeding even my own goals in math in high school. He helped me in Grade 11 University Math, Grade 11 Chemistry and Grade 12 Data Management. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be in the program I am in today if it weren't for John helping me to succeed in high school and boosting my overall average. I am in George Brown College in the 4 year degree program in Construction Management and have to take Technical Mathematics this year. It is very similar to Grade 11 Advanced Functions, and I am doing well in it as I had a great teacher to instil the foundation of math in me years ago. John is patient and excellent in explaining the most complex of math problems. He shows you how to tackle hard equations and develop skills to adapt to any situation. He is a great teacher and I recommend if you ever need help in math and science don't wait to call John!

- Hayden (East York Collegiate Institute; George Brown College)


I believe John to be a fantastic tutor. He has helped me grasp concepts that I have had difficulty learning from any other teacher. John not only explains and demonstrates the math he also lets me participate actively. He is the best tutor I have ever had.

- Aaron (Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute)


John Gatsis has been my math tutor and mentor for the past three years.  He is friendly, professional and always prepared.  He has the ability to teach at different levels and age groups by making you feel comfortable and at ease.  John communicates clearly while motivating you to get to the next level.  His teaching style adapts to different personalities, age groups and learning speeds because he is patient.  Mostly John has helped me greatly improve my marks.  Therefore, I highly recommend John for this type of profession.

- Peter (St. Michael’s College; University of Toronto)


John tutored me in calculus during my grade 12 year and in my first year of university. Thanks to him I managed to get A's in both. He helped a lot and simplified everything in a way my teachers couldn’t.  He was very approachable and explained concepts well! Thank you John for getting me through Math!

-Philip (Leaside High School; York University)


My experience with John was awesome! He helped me so much with math and now I am more successful than I imagined possible! Thanks so much John!

-Deanna (Sir John A. MacDonald Collegiate)


When I decided to go back to school and pursue a master's degree and needed to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), I was really rusty on my math skills. I met John once a week for the next two months and he helped me increase my score by over 200 points. John taught me how to think logically and quickly without the assistance of a calculator.  He broke down problems and formulas, which at the time seemed impossible, to basic fundamental equations.  John helped me find my confidence back.  Thanks John for everything! You’re the best J.

- Sacha (McGill University)

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