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Tutor, mentor & University of Toronto PhD graduate.

I am a former university lecturer and a PhD graduate from the University of Toronto. My area of expertise is in aerospace engineering, specifically applied mathematics and computational fluid dynamic simulation of flow around aerodynamic bodies such as wings and wing sections.

I currently operate a private tutoring service for the greater Toronto area. I specialize in high school and university math and physics. This in-home service has been up and running for about 10 years, in addition to my tutoring and lecturing experience at UofT. In the past I developed educational software which was shared and distributed to various non-profit organizations. However, my passion is live, one-on-one tutoring.

My primary areas of interest and expertise are in: Algebra, Calculus (differential calculus, integral calculus , and vector calculus), Calculus and Vectors, Geometry and Discrete Mathematics, Data Management, Statistics, Grade 11, Grade 12, and First-Year University. I also tutor other subjects such as Physics and Chemistry.

Some of my recent success stories involving outstanding student performance have occured at schools such as St. Michael's College, Earl Haig, Havergal, R. H. King Academy, Upper Canada College (UCC), The Bishop Strachan School, North Toronto CI, Metro Preparatory Academy, and De La Salle.

My Grade 10 math student at De La Salle recently was awarded the Grade 12 Calculus award! She was outstanding to begin with, but I gave her some additional tips and strategies that enabled her to shine in that subject.

The students that I have tutored at UCC have achieved high ranking both in standard and high-level streams.

My primary motivation for doing this is to help others. My past students often say that I'm "not only a tutor but also a mentor".

Contact me before the September stress rolls in! You won't be sorry that you did.

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